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3rd Apr 2019

  • Egyptian Honey Murcott For Export

    The Murcott is also known as the Honey Murcott, due to its sweetness. It has a rich orange colour and is popular for both snacking and juicing.

    HS Code: 080520.
    Product: Egyptian Mandarins
    Varieties: Honey Murcott (seedless)
    Sizes: 36, 42, 48, 54, 60
    Package: 8 Kg Carton, 6.5 Kg Plastic Box
    Availability: from jan. until April.
    Shipping: Sea Shipment.

  • Egyptian Grapefruit For Export

    The Dark Red Grapefruit is also known as Flame, Ray or Star Ruby. The fruit has an exceptionally intense dark red flesh, seedless interior and sweet flavor with very little bitterness. The rind is smooth and yellow with blush pigmentation.

    Grapefruit is a tangy fruit which looks like an orange or sweet lime in its appearance. […]

  • Egyptian Baladi Oranges For Export

    Egyptian Baladi Oranges are the most variety similar to Valencia orange which is used only for Juice and taste is the same with Valencia, but it’s higher for Brix level.

    HS Code: 080510.
    Variety: round Shape.
    Baladi Brix levels:  between  11.6  & 12.7
    Sizes: 56/64/72/80/88/100/113/125/136
    15 KG N.W.- 16 KG G.W. Standard carton.
    8 Kg Carton for Arab […]

  • Egyptian Navel oranges For Export

    Navel oranges and Valencia oranges are similar in flavor and appearance, but what distinguishes one from the other? Oranges are one of the most commonly grown fruits in the world, and both Valencias and navels are categorized as “sweet oranges” of the genus Citrus x sinessis. From the outside, the main distinguishing characteristic that can help you tell them apart is […]

  • Egyptian Adalia Lemon For Export

    The exact origin of the Lemon remained as mystery, through it is widely presumed that Lemons are widely grown in both India & China. It is also speculated that Lemons were first grown on Mediterranean bushes, it was used as antidote for various poisons.

    The lemon was later introduced to Egypt around 700 A.D. The popular […]

  • Golden and Red Onions For Export

    We are specialized in the export of premium quality of both Golden & Red Onions with a daily production capacity of about 250 MT.

    Golden Onion Season:

    Season start from the first of January till the end of May.

    Golden Onion Sizes:


    Red Onion Season:

    Season start from the first of May till the end of December.

    Red Onion Sizes:

    (40/60/80/100 mm).

    Planet […]

  • Egyptian Valencia Oranges For Export

    Valencia Oranges is the most widely planted orange variety in the world. It originated in either Spain or Portugal. It was introduced to Florida in 1870 where it has gained commercial popularity.

    Valencia fruit are medium large, commercially seedless, with a thin peel. Aesthetically pleasing & full of sweet juices, The Valencia Orange has set the […]