Vision & Mission:


Our Vision is to be recognized globally as the leading and trusted food producer and exporter in Egypt.

Company mission is Committed to build long term relationships by providing premium quality products to our customers, exceeding the expectations of our employees, and creating wealth to our shareholders

Company Profile:


Planet Green represent a new generation of food producers and exporters in Egypt, with a visionary team of expert calibers equipped with fresh ideas like our products, Simply we aim to provide world class products and build strategic relationships with our clients.

Core Values:


  • Client Focus: Clients are at the center of our attention and we are passionate about serving and satisfying them.
  • Integrity: Is the main definition for the relationship with our clients and how they perceive us.
  • Teamwork: Building strategic relationships with all the involved parties is a main objective.
  • Excellence: We always strive for excellence by being different in what we do.
  • Sustainability: Meeting our present needs without affecting the needs of future generations.