• Egyptian Mejdoul Dates For Export

    Mejdoul Dates:

    HS Code: 080410
    Product: Mejdoul Dates
    Variety: Egyptian Semi Dry Dates Red-Brown skin and flesh.
    Size: Small & Medium
    Availability: Around Year
    Shipping: Standard Container & Air Shipment.
    Storage: Dried dates will last for several months kept in an airtight container either at room temperature (a cool, dry place is best) or in the refrigerator.

  • Egyptian Barhi Dates For Export

    Barhe or (Barhi) (from Arabic Barh, a hot wind) —more rounded variety of Date that is soft and creamy.  These sweet delicious Dates just melt in your mouth, light amber to dark brown when ripe; with thick flesh and rich flavor. It tastes semi-sweet and is as crisp as apples.

    These Dates are very healthy and […]